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Life After Deportation - Documentary

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Jumpstart Productions will be filming a documentary series of interviews and footage of true stories based on people that have been deported and the hardships they face while going through the transition.

JumpStart, LM Entertainment and National Organization of Deported Migrants decided to expand a safe haven to help people, including deportees, the elderly, and school children in need of supplies. This also includes food pantry services. We will be collaborating with agencies and churches to help expand their services to Jumpstart’s safe haven in the Montego Bay area.

Jumpstart’s film will use the proceeds and donations from the documentary to provide materials, supplies, food, clothing etc. to help expand a Jumpstart safe haven. Jumpstart’s Gibbon will be filming events and doing interviews with deported migrants, their families and communities. He will capture footage about the devastating transition from America to Jamaica sovaldi drug Our mission is to help expand a safe haven for people who are deported and to help assist them with food and shelter. Our goal is to connect people deported with their families and to assist them back into the mainstream.

Please support this project with the effort to help save lives and make more available a place for people to come and get relief. We are reaching out to networks that are interested in projects such as this as we continue our 22 episode documentary/reality show.

You can be a sponsor by donating or providing an in kind service for this project. To make a donation contact Jamie Bland, Executive Producer, at 862-232-8653 or Gibbon Farquharson, Production Manager, at 876-440-3894 for more information regarding this project and filming. Executive Producers will be named in the credits for raising funds for the film/reality show and other supporters will be named in the credits as sponsors for the safe haven in Jamaica. Thank you in advance for your support.
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Jamie Bland - Executive Producer, Creator, Writer, Director
Mike Dixon - Producer, Writer, Director, Editor
Gibbon Farquharson - Production Manager/Assistant Director/Director of Photography
Oswald Dawkins - Production Manager/Casting Director
Glen Powell – President, National Organization of Deported Migrants

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